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Re: long waits on Netflix

Temis' Report on Netflix's Supposedly Awesome Customer Service:


I got through almost immediately, and the guy was certainly nice, but he did nothing to solve the problem. He did make vague noises about how they've had to "change their business model" because of the problem cropping up in the "past quarter," which makes me think that the Blockbuster flame-out is, indeed, behind the increased wait problem.

I told him that both those movies had been waitlisted for two months and he offered no solution other than "wait."

But since this problem is not new - it's just worse than it's ever been - I also suspect my account is being targetted because I return DVDs "too quickly."

So, time for Plan B. I just made a second account and placed only Inglorious Basterds and The Hurt Locker on that account, splitting my two DVD allottment between the two accounts. Lo and behold, Inglorious Basterds is now listed as "available." Let's see what DVD arrives next.
I think one aspect you might be missing on is that Netflix won't actually WANT to be able to send everyone every DVD they want immediately. They may SAY that they want this, but it really isn't somthing they should be trying to do, and I bet they don't.
Yep. I think the missing factor here is that Inglorious Basterds must be costing them more money in licensing fees than, say, some old movie from the '40s. The notion that all these DVDs are worth exactly the same is absurd, yet that is how they are pricing them.

A better solution would be to just be upfront about this: have a points system so that Inglorious Basterds costs five points and Double Indemnity costs one, or whatever the correct proportion of value is. Why should they be shy about this? People will understand why a recent Hollywood release is worth much more than some old movie that's been on TV or some foreign flick nobody's heard of.

The only problem would be if there are enough of you, generating enough negative commentary, that it affects the rate of acquisition of profitable customers. Given what I hear of Netflix's rate of growth, they've probably got the balance reasonably well-judged, and are operating fairly efficiently.
In other words, they're making enough money off the suckers, so who cares about an onery bitch like me?
This may change over time as their customer base matures
If by "matures," you mean "gets a clue," Netflix is safe. They will have enough clueless customers to earn them a hefty profit for the foreseeable future.

Well, if Plan B works out, I plan to do my best to tell the rest of Netflix's non-sucker customer base about it. And like always, this news will reach only a small percentage of people, but they're the percentage who are awake and paying attention, so why shouldn't they reap the benefits?

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