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Re: long waits on Netflix

Temis the Vorta wrote: View Post
I seem to remember reading in an FAQ once that they tend to send high-demand titles to people who don't actually request high-demand titles so much.
But don't most customers of any DVD service rent mainly the big blockbuster releases?
Speaking only for myself, if I only (or even mostly) wanted popular, recent movies, I'd never have stopped using Blockbuster. Nowadays, I'd probably be getting DVDs from Redbox or one of the other kiosk chains. I have a Netflix precisely because they have more than the top movies of the last five years. Or, to put it another way.

John Gruber wrote:
Blockbuster CEO ‘Confused by This Fascination That Everybody Has With Netflix’

How does Jim Keyes still have the job as CEO? Netflix is kicking his company’s ass and he thinks Netflix is the company that’s doing it wrong:

Equally bewildering to Mr. Keyes is the emphasis on catalog size. Why would anyone want to watch anything other than new releases, he wonders.

“I don’t care how many movies are available to me. As my personal taste as a customer, I want to watch the new stuff so whether we have 10,000 movies or 200 movies doesn’t matter if I don’t want to see any of the movies that we have … our assortment is heavily weighted toward newer releases and mainstream staple titles.”
Given the fact that Netflix is popular at all, I'd say we two aren't as unusual for their customers as you'd think.
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