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Re: long waits on Netflix

I'm rather obsessive about Netflix and check it daily. If I see something has bumped from my saved to regular queue, I bump it to the top of the list (especially if it's something I want to see quickly or I suspect is going to be wait-listed.)

Should I check the frakking thing more frequently than daily!?! I already think I'm overdoing it.

Nah, I think it's because I'm being punished for returning DVDs quickly. Netflix is losing money on me and are trying to drive me away as a result. Bastards, it won't work! I'll single handedly drive Netflix out of business with my rapid-fire rate of return!!!

I seem to remember reading in an FAQ once that they tend to send high-demand titles to people who don't actually request high-demand titles so much.
But don't most customers of any DVD service rent mainly the big blockbuster releases? I think I'm pretty unusual in that I rent other things as well. Here's the top ten from my saved queue as a sample of my tastes: Farscape S1, Sherlock Holmes, The Road, Invictus, Curb Your Enthusiasm S7, Entourage S6, Prodigal Sons, A Prophet, A Single Man, Ajami. That's two "big" Hollywood movies and the rest are smaller Hollywood movies, TV shows, and foreign films. My regular queue has a lot of old movies as well (which are almost all out on DVD and wouldn't appear in the saved list.)

And that policy makes no sense. Once they've accurately forecast the demand for any given title, they should be able to stock the correct number of DVDs. Forecasting people's DVD-renting tastes can't be that difficult. If people want a lot of high-demand movies, then stock more high-demand movies.
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