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Re: long waits on Netflix

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Like anything else it helps to be the first in line.
I'm always the first in line. I put DVDs on my saved list as soon as the titles are in Netflix's system, months before the DVD release. Oftentimes I have to keep checking back because I know about the title before Netflix has added it. (I wish Netflix had a pre-saved section, where you can type in the names of titles and be notified when Netflix adds any title that seems to be a match for it. It's annoying having to save stuff on post-its near my computer.)

I have 179 DVDs in my regular queue and 48 in the saved queue - pretty much the normal proportion - about 20% of my queue is pre-release DVDs at any given time. Only rarely do I add a DVD directly to the directly regular queue.

Yet I still have trouble getting DVDs in a timely fashion, so I don't think being "first in line" makes any difference at all. Or would the situation be even worse otherwise? Why do I have to have a friggen title in my queue for the better part of a year before I can get it?
From what I can tell all putting it in your que is just "buying the ticket" it doesnt give you a prime spot in "the line to get in". I've add movies on the spur of the moment and gotten them on the day of release.

I also have a long list of movies in the Saved DVD section of my Netflix que. Stuff that hasn't even hit the theaters yet. Once a release date is known it appears next to the title and it's transfered to the DVD list. My saved list is longer than my DVD list.
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