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Re: long waits on Netflix

After hearing so much about this netflix, I finally signed up for it and took the better part of an hour to add stuff to my queue. I ended up really wanting to watch some movies and took 10 min to steal them from the net anyways. I guess that's it for my attempt at reforming myself.

And the streaming stuff does me no good. They only seem to stream the old stuff or new releases with lower demand like foreign films (where getting DVDs is no problem) and I have an aversion to watching anything longer than 10 minutes on my PC. I'll do it only in emergencies (missing an episode of a serialized show and needing to catch up immediately) via hulu or in a pinch, iTunes. But that's for shows I'm watching on TV, where I don't want to wait for DVD.
All it takes is a cable to link your pc to your tv. It's really not that hard like in the olden days. Their stream quality is poor though so maybe you shouldn't bother.

Why should I spend extra money to get a movie when I've already "paid" for every movie released on DVD via my Netflix subscription?
So I guess I didn't steal then. Off to watch Brazil.
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