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Re: March Challenge: Flash

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A great piece. A hardened, angered boy is shocked down to his core, as his rage makes him cross a line he never knew existed....
In some ways, this boy got VERY close to being someone like the Columbine shooters. I think there was something better left in him though, or he would've felt nothing at all. It's hard to tell with him, though.

Meanwhile, Berat, who is lovable and noble from the beginning, is driven once again to a breaking point by circumstances beyond his control.
The difference is that this time, he doesn't break. That's why I did this to Berat...not to be mean to him but because I saw how he was going to take the lessons he learned the last time and display much greater resilience and strength.

I you have any plans for the boy, Nerys?
I'm not sure yet...there's something tickling the back of my brain for someday, but I'm not sure if it really belongs.
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