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Re: long waits on Netflix

Like anything else it helps to be the first in line.
I'm always the first in line. I put DVDs on my saved list as soon as the titles are in Netflix's system, months before the DVD release. Oftentimes I have to keep checking back because I know about the title before Netflix has added it. (I wish Netflix had a pre-saved section, where you can type in the names of titles and be notified when Netflix adds any title that seems to be a match for it. It's annoying having to save stuff on post-its near my computer.)

I have 179 DVDs in my regular queue and 48 in the saved queue - pretty much the normal proportion - about 20% of my queue is pre-release DVDs at any given time. Only rarely do I add a DVD directly to the directly regular queue.

Yet I still have trouble getting DVDs in a timely fashion, so I don't think being "first in line" makes any difference at all. Or would the situation be even worse otherwise? Why do I have to have a friggen title in my queue for the better part of a year before I can get it?

And the streaming stuff does me no good. They only seem to stream the old stuff or new releases with lower demand like foreign films (where getting DVDs is no problem) and I have an aversion to watching anything longer than 10 minutes on my PC. I'll do it only in emergencies (missing an episode of a serialized show and needing to catch up immediately) via hulu or in a pinch, iTunes. But that's for shows I'm watching on TV, where I don't want to wait for DVD.

Generally I never notice the times, because if I'm really eager to see a popular release I just go ahead and Redbox it, or maybe even buy.
Sure, I could do that - there are really only two movies I want to see now that are waitlisted. But it's the principle of the thing. Netflix should know that big Hollywood releases with good reviews are going to have heavy demand, and they should plan for it. A week or two wait, okay, but months is just unacceptable. Why should I spend extra money to get a movie when I've already "paid" for every movie released on DVD via my Netflix subscription?

I'd rather just start a thread and bitch about it a lot. And maybe I should actually call their vaunted customer service...I'll give yall a report.
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