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Re: Next comic mini-series/one-shots?

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I mean, how much can you pay the writer, artist(s), colorist, letterer and editor out of a $4 book that only sells 5000 copies?
My big concern is that most comic shops I know order barely more copies of IDW ST issues than they need for their standing orders. The only shelf copies, if there are any at all, disappear in mere days of release, or sit there forever as lone examples of a segment of a mini-series long past.

As we know, there are many, many fans who refuse to place standing orders for anything, preferring to browse randomly (and complain bitterly about distribution) so they can pick and choose.

It's a very different market to ST's heyday.
The only thing I get from IDW (John Byrne, with a couple of exceptions) any more are the trades that I can pick up from a bookstore. I refuse to drive twenty minutes to the nearest comic shop to pick up individual issues anymore. They're overpriced for the entertainment they provide. Read the Nero TPB in twenty minutes and it cost me $18. IDW's number one problem is they need to figure out a way to increase the entertainment value of the issues.

I'm also one who never placed standing orders. I like to come in and browse and choose the issues I want to pick up.
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