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Re: Lost Sulu fan film trailer 'STA: A Time to Heal' finally online

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I'm so curious about this Yorktown II production and what Axiom is all about. Does it involve Sulu? Is this a new fan production? Do they need help?

Hopefully I'll find out. In the meantime, has anyone out there had success in become a member of the Axiom group?
Hi, CaptainKen and everyone else.

I've been involved in the writing of ST:AXiom. I can't tell you what's going on with the Yahoo group as i have not been involved with that end of things. I did shoot an email off to the producer when i saw the comments in this thread, though, and hopefully that will be resolved soon. I'm sorry to hear about the frustration folks are having in the meantime.

ST: Axiom does, at least in the plot I've turned in, involve at least one Sulu, and perhaps more. How's that for cryptic? Don't want to give too much away, but my approach has been to come up with a story that can incorporate the existing footage from Yorktown into the new plot in a way that will make sense and act as a springboard for our new story, and perhaps more stories afterwards. ST: Axiom will revolve around USS Yorktown and here crew of new characters. I'm hoping that we've come up with a group of characters that people will come to like enough to want to see their continuing adeventures.

At this point, I've turned in what I am hoping is the plot in it's final form. as soon as I get a thumbs-up from the producer, I will be starting to write a script. I will try to update folks here in this thread when there is stuff for folks in this thread to be updated on. Or stuff I hope folks will be interested in hearing, at least.
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