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Re: long waits on Netflix

Yep, they're both at the top. I haven't noticed being at the top does a damn thing about getting stuff quicker.

If people are "hoarding" these movies (absurd, why don't they just buy them, they're paying to hoard them anyway!) then Netflix should get with the program and burn some new DVDs. How hard can that be? Maybe they have to pay more license fee but that's what happens if you want to rent out the popular movies.

They should be able to predict by now which movies get hoarded and what the demand will be, according to genre, director, box office, Oscar wins, etc. They should be able to input those factors into a database so it's all automated.

There's no excuse. I think they're just incompetent or maybe they're deliberately trying to aggravate me in order to get me to drop my subscription because I'm the bad kind of customer, who sends back DVDs pretty quickly and therefore doesn't pay much per DVD.
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