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long waits on Netflix

Hi, anyone else experiencing aggravatingly long waits with some recent releases on Netflix? Such as, having The Hurt Locker and Inglorious Basterds long or very long waited since, well, whenever the frak it was that the DVDs were released (what, like a month or three now?)

I don't really pay attention to what I get when, so it hasn't been a big deal. I have over 200 DVDs queued up, so I'm always getting something, but it's annoying that Netflix is violating their own so-called policy...

Short Wait: This means we don’t have quite enough copies and the wait is usually less than 7 days.

Long Wait: This means there is a serious demand for the title and the wait is generally less than 14 days.

Very Long Wait: This means that there is extremely high demand, limited availability and/or a very long wait for this title. Usually the wait is less than 30 days, but could be longer if, for example, the movie is out of print or we are otherwise unable to secure additional copies.
A friend (who isn't a Netflix customer and tends to fly into an apoplectic rage at the mention of their name and keeps nagging me to dump them like a bad habit) that my problem is those 200+ DVDs. If I deleted everything except The Hurt Locker and Inglorious Basterds, I'd get them asap. But there's two problem with that:

1) My Netflix queue is a handy way of storing all the DVDs I want to watch. Sure, I could cut & paste the whole thing into a word doc or some such, and then filter them back onto the list one by one, but it seems so clumsy and annoying to have to do all that extra work. But more importantly,

2) If that's the way Netflix works, they are morons and it seriously makes me reconsider whether I want to continue to be a customer. Obviously, they need to change the way their system spits out DVDs to match their stated policy or change their policy and be honest about it, and make sure their policy is being applied fairly equally for all customers.

I've been happy with Netflix so far, but now my happiness is draining away towards indifference, soon to enter a "looking around for good competitors to jump ship to" phase...

Anyone want to chime in on a) is the problem actually the length of my queue or is Mr. Netflix Hater just making up shit again; b) any other strategies that can kick DVDs lose more quickly; or c) any other companies I should investigate that have a wide ranging library (some sample titles from my queue to show the necessary range of movies and TV series: Prehistoric Megastorms; The Cove; How Green Was My Valley; The Lovely Bones; Nero Wolfe) that they will deliver to my doorstep?
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