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Re: "Destination: Outer Space" poster is here!

I have this movie on pre-order, and I own all the previous ones; I highly recommend them all for those who love the classic B&W Drive-In movies of the good old-days. They're all very amusing, but not quite in the way of Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra (which I also love). These movies, beyond the comedy and gentle satire, have real stories and the characters are treated respectfully. From the sweet and awkward romance of the first movie to the guy who will stop at nothing to save his kids in the last one, they are all characters you can care about.

And the casting is really good, too. The guy who plays Dr Jackson (and his descendent) is hilarious. There's one actor who plays two very different parts in a couple of movies and I almost didn't know it was the same guy. And the women from Mars are all incredible. There's not a badly cast part in any of these movies; they're all very distinctive character-actor types, just like in the best of the old movies.

I can't wait till this new one comes out; it looks great.
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