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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

Janeway was the worst captain ever.

For example, in the episode Prime Factors, the Voyager crew was on a planet which had a technology which could possibly enable Voyager to get home more quickly. The planet authorities refused to share it under any conditions. However, some of the locals were willing to make a black market trade. Janeway decides not to make the trade. Her entire command staff secretly mutinied and conspired to make the deal and install the new tech on Voyager without Janeway's knowledge. In the end Janeway didn't punish anyone for disobeying her orders because everyone was guilty. She just let them know how disappointed she was with their behavior.

So she makes a bad decision, she can't enforce her orders, and then she can't even regain her authority by punishing offenders. Pitiful.
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