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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions — What Are Yours?

Glad you guys seem to like the thread. Ironically, this might be the most popular thread I ever started.

It's interesting how some allegedly unpopular Trek opinions don't seem to be that unpopular around here after all: There are actually a lot of people liking Neelix, preferring Pulaski, favouring Robin Curtis over Kirstie Alley and disliking 24th century Klingons.

Arpy wrote: View Post
Life-spans are way too short.

There are not more humanoids than non-humanoids in the galaxy.
How are those opinions? You are just ignoring the evidence presented in Star Trek.

RichMerk wrote: View Post
I hate Worf
Well, I don't exactly hate Worf, but I never really liked him and the whole Klingon Honor Schtick™ either.

Cheapjack wrote: View Post
I love the TNG 1st season, and wish the rest could have continued that upward curve.
I, too, like The Next Generation's first season. But I actually think the series got better later on. I do, however, wish they would have kept the more interesting music, the more inventive cinematography and some of the characters from the early seasons (Wesley, Tasha and Pulaski, that is).

captcalhoun wrote: View Post
Enterprise is not that bad at continuity despite what many claim
Yep, that's certainly true.

maneth wrote: View Post
Wesley isn't that bad, when you consider he lost his father at a very young age and has a clinging mother who treats him like he's 5, not 15. Besides, he is always right.
I really like Wesley myself. Yeah, the writers didn't exactly serve him well most of the time, but I really liked (and on some level probably even identified with) the character and Wil Wheaton's portrayal of said character.

stj wrote: View Post
The Founders are the "silver blood" aliens from Voyager's Demon episode, inexplicably taken seriously for seven years, instead of two episodes.

If you have characters who can foretell the future but they don't, you've screwed up the series. Ira Behr not only couldn't figure this out in seven years of DS9 but still couldn't in four years of The 4400!
I'm not sure what you're getting at here. What do the aliens from Demon have to do with the Founders? And who could foretell the future on Deep Space Nine?

Luther Sloan wrote: View Post
Technically, there are no mistakes or canonical errors on Star Trek if one is imaginative enough to think around them.
Truer words were never spoken on this issue. Ironic, coming from you, LS.

issreliant wrote: View Post
I am a fan of all the series...
Me, too.

C.E. Evans wrote: View Post
Star Trek will return to TV sooner than some people expect (or even like) it to.
How is that an opinion? That's merely your prediction of what path Star Trek will take in the future.

muzzleflash wrote: View Post
That sounds like sarcasm, but it seems a lot of people actually think TOS looks good.
Yeah, and I would be one of them. The original Star Trek looks wonderful!

23skidoo wrote: View Post
The worst Trek episode ever was one of Gene Roddenberry's original TOS stories, The Omega Glory.
I couldn't agree more on that! I really really hate hate that "episode".

Cmdr Sho wrote: View Post
i have only one opinion,

1. wearing a starfleet uniform once a week.
And that's an opinion how?

Luther Sloan wrote: View Post
I think Picard should have shaved his head from day one.
Picard shaved his head?

Luther Sloan wrote: View Post
Sisko shouldn't have died and no one should have left the station.
Sisko died? I guess I missed something in What You Leave Behind then ...

Luther Sloan wrote: View Post

I want to personally congratulate you on an awesome thread idea.
Totally cool, man.

Keep the good ideas comin', friend.


Other unpopular Trek opinions I can think of after reading through the thread:

I really liked what we saw of Tasha Yar and wished she would have stayed.
Riker is actually my favourite character from The Next Generation. My second favourite is LaForge.
I think acting-wise the cast from Enterprise is slightly better than Star Trek's (2009) cast.
I even liked Chakotey.
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