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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

TOS was not a character oriented or character driven show. It had good characters. There's a difference. TOS was mostly an idea driven show.

Kirk was not a flagrant womanizer. Within context of the series he didn't get lucky all that often. Mind you to a lot of viewers to whom necking seems unattainable then Kirk was indeed The Man.

Kirk was not mostly an act first and consider later kind of leader. He was a lot faster on his feet than the others that followed.

TOS' third season isn't as irredeemable as many say.

I think TNG's best episode is "The Measure Of A Man," a second season episode. Conversely I think "Inner Light" is boring as hell.

Tasha Yar had potential, but she was poorly written and portrayed by a bad actress.

Klingons from the TNG era onward came off mostly as comic opera. So did Cardassians and Romulans actually.

The best Q and best Borg episode happen to be the same one, "Q, Who?" a second season episode. The rest are disposable... Okay I'll allow "The Best Of Both Worlds" as acceptable, but jettison the rest.

Worf was often made to look stupid.

All TNG films are bad, but the supposed best of the lot, First Contact, is still a stupid story that makes no sense whatsoever.

TWoK is overrated although I can appreciate why it's popular. There are things I like about it, but also a lot of things I don't like.

TMP is my favourite Trek film even while I acknowledge some of its weaknesses. (I fill in the blanks with my imagination )

TVH is just as lame and as TFF.

Every Enterprise after the TMP refit looks awful... Okay the 1701D has grown on me some, but it still has some ungainly looking angles.

DS9 is nowhere as deep as many credit it.

TOS' "Mirror, Mirror" and DS9's "Crossover" are the only MU episodes worth anything.

VOY's holographic Doctor was a stupid idea.

I hated VOY and consider it ironic that while Seven-of-Nine as conceived was ridiculous she also happened to be the smartest character on the show... Actually that doesn't say much.

I'll think of more...
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