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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

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ENT. The opening song for Enterprise should have been "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by the German band the Scorpions.
Here is a great suggestion for an alternate ENT theme song - but one that would only work for the Mirror Universe episodes:

As to the regular ones - maybe the theme song have been tolerable if they had just found a better singer? Hmmm, who could it be? Who is a Trek fan in the world of music?

Iggy Pop was on DS9, maybe they could have asked him to sing it though I can't imagine him singing "Faith of the Heart"... maybe something like:

So I take a little bad with the good
It ain't just black and white
You've got to deal with the real
Oh, living on the edge of the... quadrant

*Maybe this could have been the DS9 theme song...
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