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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

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TOS There should be a sexy Women's TOS short skirt convention put on at least once a year.
Luther I can easily see a sexy short skirt contest on stage at a convention, might be a very workable idea.
Can be used to replace filking.


TMP. The fatal transporter accident should have involved Carol and David.

TWOK. Instead of talking in the turbo-lift, Kirk and Saavik should have had their little talk in a shower while having sex. (Maybe with some bondage.)

TSFS. At the begining of the movie, the Enterprise mistakenly rams into the space dock, explosively decompressing the bar with Janice Rand. The rest of the movie is Janice's wake, where the crew, through a series of drunken flash backs, relate how at one time or another they each nailed her.

ENT. The opening song for Enterprise should have been "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by the German band the Scorpions.

TNG. At the end of the episode Pen Pals Data should have been demoted to lieutenant for violating the prime directive, two seasons later he could be promoted back to Lt. Commander.
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