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Re: Who Could Carry Their Own Series?

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None of them. A new series set at least 20 years post-Nemesis, with perhaps an appearance by Admiral Riker and Admiral Janeway every now and again, as a reward for faithful watchers of other Trek shows.

The Federation should have access to transwarp technology, with the ability to visit the delta and gamma quadrants easily, without resorting to wormholes. A new ship, a new crew, new adventures in the post-Borg delta quadrant and the post-Dominion gamma quadrant.
I really like this idea ... travel to other quadrants is now possible with trans-warp, would make for alot of new possibilities, and set far enough ahead of nemesis, would be a fresh start with new visuals, new technology etc

I also think Frakes is good enough to lead a series as Captain of the Titan though. I think that would be interesting since, although not my fave character from TNG, I always enjoyed the scenes where he was in command and making decisions like in Best of Both worlds, Peak Performance, and a few other notables.

The possibilities are endless
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