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Re: A Cardassian Flagship

Getting back to the actual topic...

You know, in all honesty, this is something I never even thought about. Was the Prakesh Dukat's ship? If not, did he have one? What was it? I never really considered those questions till now.

I suppose, assuming that Cardassians do employ a similar system for commanding a ship to most of the rest of the galactic powers (and that does seem to be the case; "Gul" is pretty much "Captain", as far as I'm aware), it would make sense that he would have had his own ship. And now that I am thinking about it, it very well could have been pretty interesting to see him flying about in it, for the reasons Withers mentioned, especially after the Cardies joined the Dominion (at which point, "Gul Dukat's ship" would be a far more significant, threatening thing than it had been before). Since commanding a ship is generally a pretty prestigious, career-enhancing position in Trek, it's odd that - if the Prakesh WAS his ship - he never got another one, given his rank and accomplishments within the Cardassian military. And the Maquis thing... that could have provided a little more... I dunno, substance to their end. One of the things that always bugged me was how the Maquis went down. Now, I didn't expect to SEE it; to actually have large chunks of episode time and special FX monies devoted to showing Maquis raiders fighting Jem'Hadar bugs, etc. But, neither the invasion of Betazed nor the Breen attack on Earth were shown, either, yet they still carried an appropriate amount of gravity due to the way the characters in-universe learned of these events, and the way we the viewers learned of them. Whereas with the Maquis, it was such a handwave. "Oh, yeah, the Maquis being utterly obliterated... that happened recently."

This could have added a more personal element, having Dukat command "the new Dominion/Cardassian flagship" and lead the charge to steamroll the Maquis. Even if we still don't see it, if it's presented the right way, that could have worked really well.

Now... if I may jump over the fence and play devil's advocate...
For a guy that didn't have a ship that was clearly, plainly identified as "his ship", Dukat really got around, and accomplished a lot. He kept showing up, he kept making trouble (or helping out, during those times when he was actually more or less on the "good guy" side of some issue). In a way, it makes him more impressive as a villain, because it shows his resourcefulness.

Hmm... didn't he show up in a Galor in "Civil Defense", too? I'm starting to think that that ship, as well as the ship from "Emissary", was the Prakesh, which was "his ship". The real question, then, would be why he never got a replacement.
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