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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

Ups overlooked this post. Guess its polite to write here first. Well I will do so now.

Hello. I like DS9 a lot, am especially fascinated with Cardassians since a decade....but forgot about them for the last years and turned to Hobbits. Anyway I still like Hobbits but after rewatching DS9 the Cardassians are back too! My fave character always was and is Damar, followed by Garak. I also "like" Dukat and Weyoun. From the DS9 main characters I like Kira and OīBrien best.
Yes uhm...I like reading Fanfiction with Damar in it. So if someone knows good stories, donīt hesitate to show me the way...however everything that Google could find I read (but there are not so many Damar stories out there, and a lot of those are slash stories, which I donīt like, even some are good written, but I can only read parts of it, when it gets to slashy I have to quit).
I also like to write Fanfiction, but till now I wrote mostly Hobbits. Guess writing Cardassians is ...well...different. I mean I like writing (mild) angst, that would fit in with Cardassians, but I have no idea how to write ...military, especially not in English, as thats not my native language. However as I watch DS9 only in English, the characters speaking English in my mind...and thats means the story would need to be in English as well. But my LOTR beta (native English speaker) is a diamond and would do me the favour to beta a Cardiestory. However I am not sure yet, if I should give it a try or better leave my fingers from it.


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