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Re: Is there a lack of creativity in NuBSG Costumes and culture Lack

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Funny thing is before BSG aired I thought I might have a problem with it, however looking back it didn't bother me at all. I felt it gave the series a more timeless appeal that allows the show to "age better", and it did give Caprica and the colonies a feel and look that is so close to Earth...its like watching a show set in the near future, not some far flung planet which I enjoyed.
In similar vain, I never gave the clothing a second thought, they never bothered me and the near future look as you mentioned, now in hindsight, works for me as well. I wouldn't be surprised if this was somewhat the approach the creative team was taking as well. I mean, sure they could have designed new cuts of materials and the like for different clothing, but why? Making the military uniforms was time consuming and costly enough as it is, and what cuts would someone have them do? Compared to the original BSG, the costumes/clothing on this series is far, far better, I mean can you imagine Edward James Olmos strutting around in a cape (which in hindsight, might partially be the reason why he was initially so reluctant to join the cast)?
I don't think we can judge how timeless it is for another 30 or so years (that's how old the original BSG is now). Capes were de rigeour in the late seventies for Sci-fi though, but usually for bad guys. Be thankful they did'nt have 'ming the merciless' collars as well.

You're right about Edward James-Olmos though - the grizzled veteran look and flamboyant capes just do'nt go.

I've had another thought about various comments about parallels to todays 'War on Terror'.
The society at the beginning of the series was complacent, there was no threat expected so I'm not sure that holds any water, besides when has fashion been affected by political problems. There was just as much of a terrorist problem in certain parts of the world in the seventies (Ireland, Germany, South France and Spain).

I think the production was trying to minimise the Sci-fi look of the show in the hopes of pulling in a wider audience, I think that having the administrative staff for the President in 21st century dress they hoped they could pull audiences that would watch '24' or 'west wing' and not sci-fi and keep them.
I don't doubt however, that as soon as they saw robots, they'd switch over. Unfortunate that.
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