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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

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I like the theme song from Enterprise
This. Enterprise's opening sequence is the best of all the Treks by far. It's both fitting and inspirational. I honestly don't understand people dissing the song, in many cases it seems to be simply disliking it from being different from the other shows, which makes no sense.
I don't think so. I can assure you that I hate it for just one reason: because it sucks. I would applaud them for doing something different with the credits, if they had used a good song, or at least a decent one. The song is cheesy and the singer is horrible, it's one of those songs I literally cannot bear to listen. It sounds like... Michael Bolton, or one of those awful sweet metal bands of the 1980s. I press the mute button or fast forward the credits every time I watch ENT... except if I am watching In A Mirror, Darkly. Now those credits I could watch and listen several times in a row.

But, as you said, to each their own.
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