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Re: "Destination: Outer Space" poster is here!

Dayton Ward wrote: View Post
Oh, man, I so dig this kind of stuff.
Have you seen any of the previous movies Chris has done? If you stop by Planet Comicon tomorrow, I can probably talk your ear off about them.

1 - Monster from Phantom Lake (beginning, in the 1950s)
2 - It Came From Another World (sequel)
3 - Cave Women on Mars (sequel set in the far off 1980s)
4 - Terror From Beneath the Earth (sequel to #2, prequel to #3)
5 - Destination: Outer Space (sequel to #3)

The first two are on Netflix, and well worth it. The first one is my favorite of the original four.

And before anyone gets scared about how many movies there are, you can see any of them without having seen any of the others, and enjoy it. When I say sequels I don't mean it like Star Trek II to Star Trek III, where it's a direct continuation and you have to watch one to get the other. They're loose sequels, mostly self-contained with some references to the other films in the verse.
"Sorry. Wrong movie, buddy."
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