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Re: A Cardassian Flagship

But of course (labouring this for all it's worth ), is not part of the dynamic that Sisko is the shiny new one and Dukat the rusty old? I mean, Sisko replaced Dukat, in Dukat's eyes- he has Dukat's old job, and Dukat has fallen from grace.
That's very true. I think, were I sat in a room with the creators and writers, and given a reason why he didn't get a new ship to rival Defiant this is as well constructed an argument as I would be likely to get. I will say that it is dependent on which parallel one references in regard to the two as there are so many.

I really like the idea of a special ship for Dukat but I would have been happy seeing a Romulan flagship or a Dominion flagship or even the return of the Klingon flagship once in a while, you know? A sort of break in the monotony of the same classes beating one another down with Defiant as the only "unique" ship on screen most of the time?

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