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Re: A Cardassian Flagship

He had his Bird-of-Prey. The ship he (and Kira) stole and which he used to fight a resistance movement for personal glory. He destroyed Klingon ships and fought to free Cardassian space from Klingons aiming to control it, just as Sisko fought in his ship to free the alpha quadrant from Dominion control. Only Dukat eventually sold out and decided an easier solution to his problem (and one getting him the recognition I believe he craved) was to have the Dominion control Cardassian territory in the Klingons' place.

Sisko builds ships, where Dukat steals them for reasons he insists are for the greater good of Cardassia but really, we suspect, are more about his own desire for glory and recognition (and he uses Bajorans to help him do it, too). Just as Sisko builds something with DS9 and Bajor, whereas Dukat...well.

Interesting post, though.
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