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A Cardassian Flagship

There were a lot of parallels, equal opposite, tit-for-tat aspects of the Dukat/Sisko dynamic. What one had the other attained. What one accomplished the other ultimately failed to do. What was considered to be a defining characteristic of one was viewed as the polar opposite of the other. Dukat was seen as the man responsible for the plight of Bajor while Sisko was seen as the man responsible for its salvation. Sisko saved the Federation from defeat by the Dominion while Dukat was blamed for nearly costing the Dominion the war. Sisko turned to and had the aid of the Prophets during his moment(s) of despair. Dukat had the Pah-Wraiths. In action, in how they were regarded, and and what they were responsible for there are clear parallels (whether they were ever intended to be there or not.) It rings through out the entire show even during Dukat's “ambiguous” period. They are on par with one another in every aspect I can think of... save for one.

Sisko had the USS Defiant, a Federation Warship with unique technology and a Romulan cloaking device. As far as DS9 was concerned the Defiant was the flagship of the war. She always led the charge with Sisko in command. Dukat never had a flagship of his own and I think they missed a real opportunity by not giving him one. Allow me to elaborate;

A major distinction between Sisko and the other Captains was the he was a builder more than an explorer. He built ships. He, at one point, wanted to build orbital habitats. He helped to construct and design Defiant, he aided in the regeneration of Bajor and the upgrading and re-establishing of Deep Space Nine. Sisko was a builder. The perfect mirror to this is Dukat as the destroyer. Of course, he had the Occupation as an example of this part of his nature, but there was nothing...tangible about that, nothing that could be seen or really be visceral. Had they given him a flagship this could have been something that was portrayed as another very poignant parallel between Dukat and Sisko.

“Well, what would he destroy? Just anything?” No. I think showing his flagship personally destroying, specifically, the Marquis would have been perfect. Sisko builds things and places for people to live. Contrast that with an episode about Dukat destroying the remaining Marquis and their homes and lives in a ship all his own. It would have been the perfect way to wrap up Tomas Riker and a few other characters who were decent but had unceremonious send-offs. They could have done this “Dukat eliminates the Marquis” in just one episode to both wrap that up with dramatic finality and introduce this counter-point to the Defiant. In my head it would have been perfect.

The fanboy in me wants to say that later on the two ships could engage one another in some epic scene where the two of them literally duke it out one on one (and I'm sure had there been such a vessel that would have happened) but that would be... just incidental as far as I'm concerned as the concept would be more important to me than the graphics of another space battle.

Rarely do I actually have the nerve to think I could make anything better that is already so awesome but this is one of those moments. The lack of a Dukat flagship doesn't hinder anything or make anything less enjoyable for me. It's like when you cook a meal with the ingredients you have and it turns out to be really good but you know in your heart if you'd had the ingredients you wanted it would have been spectacular, you know?

Anyway, not unlike the Dukat thread, this was just me... ya know, saying stuff. There was no real point to it.

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