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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours? big list..


1. I think TOS is the best series.
2. I think Kirk was the most heroic of ALL the Star Trek Captains.
3. I think the TOS Klingons were far better than the biker versions of TNG era.
4. GR is overated, but the show went off course in season 3
5. We didn't need more aliens on TOS, just shorter skirts on the women.

1. I think Picard is over-rated and over used.
2. I cant stand either TROI or YAR.
3. I think TNG is far too Politically correct, and suffers from it in later viewings.
4. Women, the cute ones, should have been in skirts.
5. Q was over used.
6. Who Watches the Watchers was great.
7. Darmok is the epitomy of what is wrong with TNG

1. This is the best TREK series and has no faults worth going into.

1. The Borg were not only over used, they were ruined.
2. I hated the Borg kids (they contributed to ruining the borg)
3. Chakotay wasn't used properly.
4. Tuvok was an awful Vulcan.

1. I didn't like the dog.
2. I didn't like the captain.
3. Coto's contribution was over-rated.
4. The Andorian make up was awful.
5. the CGI aliens were awful as well.
6. I did like the theme song (but prefer the Rod Stewart version)

I think STAR TREK V is a very good TREK movie
I think First Contact isn't that good.
I think GENERATIONS is the best TNG movie, by far.

In General
I used to crap all over GR for his positive look on humanity...but now, I have come around to the other side and totally support it. It was his show, he created it, and TOS is, to this day, the TREK that defines the franchise.

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