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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

-TOS is my least favorite series.
-I think Kirk is most often simply an arrogant jerk.
-I think TOS Klingons are boring compared to the TNG-era ones.
-Trek got better after Gene Roddenberry was out of the picture (I guess this applies to TNG as well).
-We needed more aliens on the Enterprise, even if they had ridiculous looking make-up (it's called suspension of disbelief).

-I love Masks.
-I think The Inner Light is highly, highly over-rated.
-I think Yesterday's Enterprise is highly over-rated.
-I hate Troi.
-Q wasn't used enough.

-I loved what they did with Dukat in the final two seasons.
-I don't care for Far Beyond the Stars.
-I think Section 31 is necessary for the Federation and should exist.
-I hate Jadiza Dax.
-I adore Ezri Dax.

-I don't think the Borg were over-used.
-I liked the Borg kids.
-I liked Endgame.
-I don't think Seven of Nine was over-used.
-I don't think Treshold is the worst episode of the series (that would be The Fight).

-I love all of Enterprise (except for that abomination of a finale).
-I don't mind the theme song.
-I like Archer.
-I think Jolene Blalock is a decent actress.
-I don't think having the Borg in the show goes against the established continuity.

-I think Robin Curtis was much, much better than Kirstie Alley.
-I love how the added scenes in the Director's Cut of The Undiscovered Country darken the picture considerably.
-I hate the Enterprise-E.
-I consider Insurrection, but not The Final Frontier, to be apocryphal.
-I absolutely LOATHE Star Trek XI.

-I think Andorians and Tellarites should have been featured heavily in all five series.
-I think the female cast members are sexier when they don't wear catsuits (though I'm not complaining about the catsuits either.)
-Most continuity errors can be explained if you try to figure out explanations yourself.
-I think Star Trek is at its worst whenever it's about "boldly going where no one has gone before," and at its best when it's about universe building.
-I'm glad that the later Trek shows got rid of the dewey-eyed optimism of TOS and early TNG.
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