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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

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^ Except that it wasn't. And claiming that just shows that 1) you didn't watch the show, 2) didn't pay attention, or 3) was always prejudiced against it and trying to read everything in it that way.

I really wonder how you would explain the purpose of characters like Helo is, or Lee with his idealism, what's the purpose of Adama backing down from assassinating Cain - and even Cain backing down from assassinating Cain, or Roslin deciding not to let Baltar die, or why there was so much attention paid to the friendship between Adama and Tigh, or his fatherly relationships with his crew (Starbuck, Athena), the Cylon-Human romances like Helo/Athena, etc.
I watched it from beginning to end just recently. And no, I'm not prejudiced against it. But like it or not, both BSG and TNG showed two sides to humanity, and both took their views to extremes.
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