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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

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I don't care about Spock or any other Vulcan whatsoever, besides Vorik and TOS Sarek.
Vorik?! You like Vorik, of all the Vulcans?

I think we've found another really unpopular opinion. If I may ask... why? What's so great about Vorik? It really puzzles me that someone could actually prefer him to Spock.
Haha, well it's hard to explain, I almost always prefer underrated characters/random guest stars over the main characters of any show I watch. (My favorite TOS character is Trelane. Honestly) With underrated characters like Barclay, or guest stars like Corbin Bernsen (played the Blond Q on Deja Q) you have those small scenes that are pretty awesome and give that taste of wanting more and that's great. You have then the novels and comics that sometimes exploit characters like them making them even more interesting!

But then you have a main character like Spock that's in every episode, every everything doing the exact same thing over and over, sometimes contradicting themselves each episode and it gets boring, you know, especially on long term series like the Star Trek franchise. Even if the character is great, they are so overused and people get so hyped about them highlighting them over other characters that's just annoying.

And, well, Vorik was fun and kind of a douche, I always loved scenes with him, and scenes with Spock and the other Vulcans I remember right now were almost always so boring. I never understood what was so great about them...

Also, yesterday I remembered that I liked Solok as well, great character.

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