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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

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Well, if you want an extreme in the other direction, there's always Ron Moore's BSG where he positied....actually forced down our throats (til it came out our ass) that humanity was an evil bunch that isn't worth saving.
But when it comes to Trek, I don't want either extreme. I don't mind optimism...I just mind when the optimism is so extreme. Because then it stops being optimism and starts being delusional. It stops being science-fiction and moves into space fantasy.


Why? GR's been dead for (almost) 20 years. Trek was never entirely his, anyway. No TV series ever is one person's. He only gets creator credit for all the spinoffs because of WGA rules anyway, as I understand it.

What makes his revisionism (and that's frankly what it is - the differences in tone between TOS and TNG are stunning; he even admitted it was revisionist, if I recall correctly) Holy Writ?

Because it's Gene Roddenberry? Not even remotely an answer! Never mind the way it puts someone very, very flawed on a sort of pedestal, what makes him different from every other TV producer?

If Star Trek is anybody's, I'd argue it's the fans' creature by now; you can't even call it Paramount's or Viacom's, really, given that the IP's been split up like a Solomonic baby and doesn't really have one entire owner.

The way I see it, TNG's producers and writers should have sat down and explained to Roddenberry (who was not, I've understood, particularly involved, especially after season 2 or so), very diplomatically and politely, that Trek could not both accommodate his oft-changing views and be a viable property in the long run. That they had a fiduciary duty to the folks who actually owned Trek (Paramount, at the time) to focus on it being a viable property...And that would mean that the obvious Writer on Board stuff (see: The stuff I've mentioned) had to go byebye.

I mean, all due respect to the guy, but that's the thing. He was not clever about it, it didn't make for good TV...It wasn't even very subtle. It was beating-you-over-the-head unsubtle, it leaves massive holes in the setting, and it kills so much drama for so many plots.
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