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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

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But since that has been established, the idea can still be workable. Earth itself can be utopia, but the rest of the galaxy can be hell. Indeed, even TNG seemed to depict this, with every Starfleet ship that wasn't the Enterprise ending up damaged and or gettng its crew killed.
I'm not so sure re TNG. And besides, most of the ship damage that did happen took place on the extreme frontiers or beyond it.

The way I see it, though...That isn't what was even implied, Wormhole, at least not by the TV series. It wasn't just Earth that was utopia, it was the whole Federation (with the exception of Turkana IV that was never explained, or I think waved off as not being part of the UFP anymore), the whole human species.

Which to me kills off so many good potential storylines. It's just plain boring that there's no darkness. There's no struggle.

"But they do struggle...struggle to improve themselves!"? Pah. That's new-age BS, not something you can build dramatic stories on.

TNG asked us to believe that in no more than 80 years, in less than one human lifespan using TNG's own numbers, human nature was almost totally changed. I choked on that, as I suspect others have, as well.

I had hoped it was an early-TNG artifact, Gene Roddenberry being old and doddering...But then it shows up again in DS9, however jokingly, and again in FC.

And I just despair, because it sucks a lot of the fun potential out of the Trek universe. There's a lot of fun to be had with aliens, yes...But some of the most fun, to me, happens when the aliens aren't in the room. When it's humans, dealing with human problems.

I don't mind optimism. The thought of a United Earth and mankind actually exploring space at FTL speeds? That's optimism, to me. (The former far more than the latter, actually, because the former is so hard for someone who's thought about it to believe.)

What TNG posited...Actually, more like forced down our throats...wasn't optimism, it was delusion.
Roddenberry's idea is very simple; Humans had come together, and had gotten over our petty little quarks of racism/sexism ect ect ect. I am not a big fan of Roddenberry's, but it is his creation. If the writers couldn't write around that simple little rule (and on DS9 they did find ways) then they shouldn't write for Star Trek.

However, I do understand that there are those who do not like that aspect of GR's creation; but he did create it. If a certain writer doesn't like it, and cant work around it, then go write for Marvel comics or something. But I think GR's idealistic (thats what it is) view of humanity should be respected.

It can't be explained any simpler than that.

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