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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

I hate Deanna Troi, more than any other character from any series ever. (All series that I ever watched, I mean it. Ever.)

I don't care about Spock or any other Vulcan whatsoever, besides Vorik and TOS Sarek.

The whole Klingon concept of Honor bores me to no end.

I don't think Data is all that great of a character.

I think most of TNG plots were terrible, even though it's still my favorite series.

I think Garak is overrated. (I did loved him first I watched DS9, but then he just meh'd me)

I think Barclay is much more interesting than more than a half of the TNG's main cast.

I find Worf 80% of the time just comic relief and the other 20% he's either being way too awesome, or way too annoying.

I find every Q episode to be particularly bad exactly because Q alone is my favorite character.

Ezri's character was terrible, but I sort of like the way the Natalie(?)-what's here name- portraits her.

I think Weyoun is cooler than the whole DS9's main cast combined. Twice.

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