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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

Exactly our thoughts for our Klingon bridge in particular. The total screen time is maybe three or four minutes, with the Klingon Commander in the foreground on his command chair, and the background behind him has two partitions. The one on the left belongs to Klingon Science Officer who has a few speaking lines. The one on the right is a nameless Klingon who doesn't get to say anything.

We've a few more things to add to the set (Klingon logo, Science Officer's "station", maybe a throw rug...) and then we'll post some pictures to our website this weekend in an article called "Building the Klingon Bridge."

Once we're through with the Klingon wall, we're probably going to use it as a corridor wall, or turn it around and use the other side as our mainviewer.

Agree with you completely about the script, though. We're trying to avoid unnecessary dialog.
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