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STO: The Needs of the Many by M. A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I picked this (and Unspoken Truth) up at Wal-Mart today...

Prior to the terror-filled times of the Long War–the seemingly endless struggle against the Undine, a paranoid, shape-shifting race once known only as Species 8472–enemy sleeper agents quietly penetrated every echelon of Federation society, as well as other starfaring civilizations throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The ensuing conflict shook humanity to its very core, often placing its highest ideals against a pure survival instinct. All too frequently, the Undine War demanded the harshest of sacrifices and exacted the steepest of personal costs from the countless millions whose lives the great interdimensional clash forever altered.

Drawn from his exhaustive research and interviews, The Needs of the Many delivers a glimpse of Betar Prize–winning author Jake Sisko's comprehensive "living history" of this tumultuous era. With collaborator Michael A. Martin, Sisko illuminates an often-poorly-understood time, an age marked indelibly by both fear and courage–not to mention the willingness of multitudes of unsung heroes who became the living embodiment of the ancient Vulcan philosopher Surak's famous axiom, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few".
This is a discussion thread so spoilers are permitted. You have been warned.
Thank the Maker...

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