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Re: Star Trek: Lambda Paz

Partial transcript of 6 February 2375 (Earth Gregorian calendar)/ 57th Day of Itara 9376 (Bajoran calendar) edition of The Bek Gillen Program

Bek Gillen: I’m hearing about the abdication of our non-aggression pact with the Dominion and you know what I am thinking? You’ve got to be kidding me.

First let me clarify. I was in no way for this farce of a peace agreement. The late Vedek Yasim was one of the first to warn that the treaty was just a subtle way to conquer our world little by little instead of in one fell swoop. At least we were safe from an all-out assault during the war. After the war would probably be a different matter. But given how terribly unprepared our supposed saviors were for this war; I can’t blame even our sanest of politicians for endorsing that treaty! I don’t know how much longer Shakaar can disenfranchise us.

We’ve got programming editor. Bil Shulzak here to represent our average citizen.

(Begins pouring water out of a gasoline canister onto Bil)

The disappearance of our Celestial Temple was the first step. Then our own government adds to it by voiding the treaty with the Dominion. When those things weren’t enough, how about allowing a Romulan military presence in this sector? The Romulan Empire may be an important asset to the war effort, but that hardly means they’ll give up their conquering ways once the war is over. Whether that alliance wins or loses, neither outcome bodes well for Bajor. Either Bajor falls to the Dominion, or we’re at the mercy of the Klingons or the Romulans or Federation subversion through our own puppet leaders.

(Discontinues the pouring. Person off-screen hands Bek a lit match)

First Minister Shakaar, why don’t you just set us all on fire? For the love of the Prophets, what are you doing? Do you not hear the cries of people yelling, “STOP!” We would like some sanity on our planet for a second! When the Occupation ended, we had political opportunists fighting amongst themselves, forsaking all that we had accomplished in the previous fifty years.

We didn’t vote to lose the Republic all over again. We voted for change. You know what that change was? The change we wanted was an end to the games! We wanted our elected representatives to stand for something. We just want some common sense. We can disagree on politics, but good lord almighty, man. You’ve seen one conqueror; you’ve seen them all. And our government is presiding over the end of Bajoran civilization, as we know it.
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