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[GAME] The Great Trek Screencap Game: The Revenge!

Welcome to the Trek Screencap Game!

Here's how the game works, a player posts a screencap from a Trek Episode or movie, then everyone may guess what episode or movie the screencap is from. The person who guesses correctly gets to choose the next cap and posts it.

For our new players, it's not too tough to post a pic, TrekCore is a great place to find the pics and there's easy to use sites like Photobucket and ImageShack to host them so they can be posted here.

Here are the final scores from the last thread:

Players are listed in chronological order from their first win

Garm Bel Iblis: 34
Bad Atom: 18
LeadHead: 37
Mtbillie: 5
Orac: 2
Jtrek: 1
Canuck69: 2
Thor Damar: 1

This one was a close one between LeadHead (AKA Public Enemy # 1) and Garm Bel Iblis (who was secretly 5 users working together to take me down, that's right, i knew about that guys )

Our Top 5:

LeadHead: Known in some circles as the person who everybody hates.

Garm Bel Iblis: I have no idea what his name is supposed to mean, the only thing I know about that is that there was a Garm Brood in Starcraft

Bad Atom: Based on his Avatar it seems that Deanna Troi might not have been responsible for crashing the Enterprise...

Mtbillie: Comes from the secret Mountain known as Billie to play screencap contests.

Since it's a tie for 5th, we'll mention bothplayers...

Poor Orac, getting vaporized over and over on Cestus 3.

Canuck69: Only been seen a few times in this thread, but he got some toughies.

And now for the first Screencap, would Bat Atom who won the last round, please post a Screencap?
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