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Re: [GAME] The Trek Screencap Game: (Insert Clever Title Here)

Bad Atom wrote: View Post

And with that, this thread comes to an end.

Here are the scores:

Players are listed in chronological order from their first win

Garm Bel Iblis: 34
Bad Atom: 18
LeadHead: 37
Mtbillie: 5
Orac: 2
Jtrek: 1
Canuck69: 2
Thor Damar: 1

This one was a close one between LeadHead (AKA Public Enemy # 1) and Garm Bel Iblis (who was secretly 5 users working together to take me down, that's right, i knew about that guys )

Our Top 5:

LeadHead: Known in some circles as the person who everybody hates.

Garm Bel Iblis: I have no idea what his name is supposed to mean, the only thing I know about that is that there was a Garm Brood in Starcraft

Bad Atom: Based on his Avatar it seems that Deanna Troi might not have been responsible for crashing the Enterprise...

Mtbillie: Comes from the secret Mountain known as Billie to play screencap contests.

Since it's a tie for 5th, we'll mention bothplayers...

Poor Orac, getting vaporized over and over on Cestus 3.

Canuck69: Only been seen a few times in this thread, but he got some toughies.

I will start a new thread soon!
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