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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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I wish we could get in touch with Jimm. I think he might need to know that people still care. I'm wondering if he hasn't lost the drive to complete it either due to the demands of everyday life or frustration over the fan film process itself...

There is a fan page on facebook. That might be a good place to post messages. Surely he could see them there. Maybe we should encourage interested people to post something there and pass it along???
From what I've seen Jimm follows his own course and is impervious to outside considerations. That's not a criticism, just an observation. Exeter's quality is a direct result of that single-mindedness. I'm like everyone else, I hope to see the rest of it, sooner rather than later, but I think that the best course is to simply respect the way Jimm operates and allow him to do his work. He may be single minded, but I have no doubt that he realizes the interest there is in his project, but really the way I see it trying to persuade (pressure?) him into working faster isn't going to accomplish anything, other than possibly slow him down even further if he feels compelled to start responding to such inquiries.

Exeter is a gift to the Star Trek community and I'm willing to wait for the payoff.
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