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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

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Well, it was made quite clear that Worf would NEVER get his own command after he went off mission to save Jadzia. Though watching the crew deal with Captain Worf would be hilarious.
Are you crazy? If they had made a Klingon based show, the Klingon Captain would have been a whimp, and his first officer would have been gay (not that its a bad thing, but done to make them 'hip' and more PC. ). And the Klingon ship's main contribution to the Empire would be to see how 'unKlingon' it could know..the 'politcal correct' klingon ship. By the end of the 7th season the Empire would abandon its ways and join the Federation because they had become so, you know, peaceful and cuddly.

Thank God it never got made..


Um, no one was talking about a Klingon based show. STARFLEET told Worf he would never get his own command, because he went off mission on a STARFLEET op to say his STARFLEET officer wife.

We we talking about a Klingon Captain on a Starfleet ship. Specifically, Worf.
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