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Re: Borderline Trek Film

Well, it's far from a perfect solution, but it seems to work reliably enough -- and it's a lot more precise than having two guys on either door.

One idea I thought about doing for years involved a bike chain and a bike gear and used the same idea for a mechanism found in the adjustable paper tray on most copy machines. if you ever take one apart, there's a small geared wheel and two flat geared things at the top of each slider -- one which lines up with the top of the gear and one that lines up with the bottom.

When one side is moved, the other moves in the opposite direction. My idea was to make a giant one of these out of the bike gears and chain, attached to two closet doors on a track -- but figuring out how to do this stymied me for about four years... until the guy over at Phase II clued me in on the traverse rod idea.

You're right! The simple solutions are often the best ones!
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