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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

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worf please. can you imagine a klingon as a captain on a starship? shoot first then think about it lol.If you wanted to place it 25 to 50 years later, how about data he'd make a great admiral.
on a more serious note how about ll cool j as captain. i think he could bring a whole new twist to the captains chair and he's a great actor

Well, it was made quite clear that Worf would NEVER get his own command after he went off mission to save Jadzia. Though watching the crew deal with Captain Worf would be hilarious.

Hmm. Worf should have been the Captain on Voyager. Janeway dies in Caretaker and as the senior line officer he would take command. Someone needs to go back and re-write the first season of Voyager like that so I can read it and coo and LOL.

LL Cool J as a Starfleet Captain would be quite do-able as well. While we are on rappers, I would throw Ice Cube's name in the hat as well if he hadn't turned into the black Chevy Chase.

How about an all rapper Starship crew.

Captain LL Cool J
Commander Queen Latifah as the XO
Lt Commander Ice Cube as Chief Engineer
Lt Commander Mos Def as the Chief Medical Officer
Lt Vanilla Ice as Chief of Security
Lt JG Snoop Dog as Science Officer
Ensign Eve as the Helm
Ensign Eminem as the Operations Officer


The Beastie Boys as the Security Team
The Fat Boys as the Medical Team
Will Smith as The Admiral
DJ Jazzy Jeff as The Admiral's Aide
Salt and/or Pepa running the ships lounge


The Ghost of Tupac as the EMH

Now, someone needs to photoship this so I can coo and LOL.
Are you crazy? If they had made a Klingon based show, the Klingon Captain would have been a whimp, and his first officer would have been gay (not that its a bad thing, but done to make them 'hip' and more PC. ). And the Klingon ship's main contribution to the Empire would be to see how 'unKlingon' it could know..the 'politcal correct' klingon ship. By the end of the 7th season the Empire would abandon its ways and join the Federation because they had become so, you know, peaceful and cuddly.

Thank God it never got made..

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