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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

Hi I'm Teiwaz
I only discovered this site last night while looking for info on LCARS (while watching DS9 on DVD) - I've been playing around with thoughts about the interface for a while, playing around with HTML, Java and perl (I'm sure there are some here who are interested in the same concepts as myself RE: an LCARs interface for various OS's - I'll get around to that shortly). I got distracted and went off on several tangents though, and only logged off to go to work at 7:20 or so. I took the afternoon off as I (obviously didn't get any sleep last night) and here I am again - at least until this obsession wears off - if it does.
I usually run Linux, but I have a warp core overload (or somesuch) on my primary pc and I'm using my secondary backup windows machine (the one I keep for games).
MY interests include all Sci-fi, a fair bit of Fantasy. Mostly in tv series format, but also movies and books. Also Anime and manga and games (mostly RPGs and usually on console more than PC).
My 'bible' - my all time favourite book is Frank Herberts 'God Emperor of Dune' and my all time (so far) series is Babylon 5.
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