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Re: Seven Deadly Sins Discuss/ Grade

@Nerys Ghemor

Do you have any evidence whatsoever about your conspiracy theory regarding 21/22nd century human history?

The third world war caused a massive shift in mentality - devastating wars tend to cause it.
Ironically, you claim that's exactly what's happening to cardassia after the dominion war, and consider it natural.
But in the case of humans, you claim this couldn't have happened because...there were people with other opinions? Well, there are cardassians with imperialist viewpoints - a LOT of them.

You don't envy trekverse humans? Your last two posts prove otherwise.

Trekverse humanity follows her morals - and there's nothing politically expedient about it. Ex - the federation didn't got involved in the klingon civil war, despite the fact that a Duras victory would be geopolitically devastating for the Federation.

Sisko had the mission to convince the bajorans to enter the Federation - but NOT by force, political or military. NOT through coercion. Through persuasion - which MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.
And I doubt you want to caompare the federation and the cardassian treatement of Bajor.

The Federation won't fight your wars - won't kill for you and won't send its citizens to death for you - unless you're an ally.
You calling humans hypocrite for this says more about your egocentrism and arrogance than it says about humanity's morals.

It's true that the 24th century prime directive, in certain cases, receives an atrocious interpretation (TNG homeward) - but the claim that trekverse humans don't follow their morals (as they are defined) has no support whatsoever.
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