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Re: Is there a lack of creativity in NuBSG Costumes and culture Lack

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[Edit] I deleted my post. It had a quote from Ron Moore explaining why their culture looks so much like ours. I can't say what it is because it might be too spoilerish, but I like it and think it works.
I visited the source to have a look - was a little spoilerish - about the conclusion anyway, but it helped put the series in its place which might help me enjoy it - how it gets there is as interesting as where, and sometimes knowing where helps you understand why.

The quoted passage was in reply to a long (and slightly acidic - well, more than mine - comment on what the crew actually achieved) not specifically on the topic of the costumes, although it appeared to be on the topic.

It did'nt answer the question for me at least.

Heres another quote from ealier in the thread from same source (it's 05:00 here and too late at night to go mucking about getting links sorted).

"I should also add that there's a part of me that is loath to really analyze my own work on this level because like any piece of art it can be interpreted in various ways by the audience and not necessarily have any relationship to the intent of the artist."

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