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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

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From what I have seen, you have a great production going..keep up the good work!!!
Thanks, Rob. Spent this evening painting the Klingon bridge. Hope to assemble most of it tomorrow, and do some test shooting this weekend with various lighting schemes (and two grumpy teenagers acting like Klingons).

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Randy, have you seen this thread? It's about conjectural daily wear version of the movie uniform. Pretty interesting idea, might help you establish you own look while fitting into the WOK era.
It does look good (and expensive), but we're going with the tunics only with rank patches (that look like the pins) sewn onto the outside of the arms. Haven't decided about the Starfleet logo and whether or not to have it sewn onto each turtleneck as an insignia-type patch. It'll be as though our crew simply doesn't wear the mountie outfits.

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