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Re: Is there a lack of creativity in NuBSG Costumes and culture Lack

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Should they have all been wearing silver jumpsuits or something?

The pilots' uniforms and casual wear seemed pretty good to me. Can't be easy to invent an entire new style of clothing for a culture that isn't based either on Earth or, worse yet, standard sci fi tropes.

And to design and create all those costumes would have pushed up the budget significantly. One reason BSG survived on skiffy is because it stuck to a modest budget. With only a few million viewers, they have to cut somewhere.
Silver jumpsuits? This isn't the seventies.
I wasn't expecting the disco stylings of the original, nor (even worse, Buck Rogers (I'm almost sorry I mentioned that show now, but it was made in the same era as the original Battlestar Galactica).

I did'nt have a problem with the military uniforms. Its was the dress of the President and her staff that bothered me.

Flashy alien dress would have bothered me as well. If you look at the costumes on B5, you'll note that while the aliens all seem to have shoulderpads (in some circles, it is said all aliens should have shoulder pads) the civilian dress is similar to restrained business suits of today, but cut a little different, along lines which you could imagine that the fashion had evolved from todays until that point.

I just feel that there is a lack of history showing through in the costumes. The Dresses worn for the original while probably fairly contempory for 1979-1980 at least had the benefit in that the style at the time was remeniscent of Ancient Greek, giving the impression of a human society with roots different from our own but at the same time familiar.

Would you costume a production of Oliver Twist and have the kids in jeans and t-shirts (without being avantegarde of course).

The loss of the Council of Twelve was a little disapointing though. The council may have escaped the radar to most, but it gave a 'council of elders' feel to the society, a continuation of the 12 tribes motif, a sense of a tradition continued and kept alive in some way from the populations original flight from Kobol. The original series had little scenes showing up from time to time displaying some diversity in the 12 colonies among the fleeing population which I've yet to see in the NuBSG

If the story was set on some future colonies created by earth I might just buy into it, but if its a branch of humanity that didn't migrate to earth, its seems to me to be a long stretch that their clothing fashion would evolve identically.

As for the costumes being purposefully familiar so viewers don't get distracted, I think its obvious it didn't work for me, the feeling that the costume is wrong is giving me culture shock and breaking my ability to believe of the series.

The stories and plot are great, its gripping. It's just the costumes are like vaseline to my head, my attention keeps slipping from the plot.
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