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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

1. I dislike TWOK thoroughly, but I know I'm not alone. Besides the people in this thread who have admitted this, we had a thread, oh, 6 months ago or so in which quite a number of us admitted to this "shocking" opinion. To me, though I try to be tolerant, I have to say that I don't understand why anybody likes it, and I find it shocking that anybody could consider that piece of dreck the "best" Trek movie. There aren't any truly great Trek movies, IMO (maybe I should list this as its own separate "unpopular opinion"?), but there are several that are superior to this one. There are comic books that I consider superior to this movie, and I don't even like comic books.

2. And Khan is boring, OK? Boring.

3. So are Klingons. I like some individual Klingons a lot, I like some episodes that feature a Klingon or two, but once they start all that warrior crap, I start yawning.

4. I also liked Pulaski. She annoyed me quite a bit at first (perhaps because of the McCoy factor?), but I quite warmed to her eventually...right around the time she was ousted.

5. I liked Voyager. (I agree with those who have said that this isn't really a minority opinion, but lots of people certainly like to think it is, so I'm saying it anyway. ) It isn't my favorite Trek, and it could have been much better, which is frustrating, but it was an enjoyable show, at least at the time. Once I finish rewatching DS9, I might try to watch it through again, though there are definitely episodes I will have no problem skipping.

6. And most shocking of all...I really do NOT care for McCoy. Never have, not even when I was a kid. Yeah, I know, I know, the Big 3, the Holy Trinity of Trekdom, blah blah blah, but it's the truth. Some of his bluster was fine, and some was funny, but there were times (usually when Kirk was in danger and McCoy decided to blame Spock) when he'd lash out at Spock with genuine disdain. "You don't feel anything, do you, Spock?" he'd say, even though he had to know by then that Spock did indeed feel a lot.

And at those times, he came across as bigot, and the kind of guy who when he's worried thinks he should be able to say whatever stupid hurtful thing he wants, even if he knows in his heart that it isn't true.

Anyway, I don't care for bigots, even if they feel a little ashamed of themselves afterwards, particularly when they are perfectly capable of doing exactly the same thing a few weeks later. And that's how McCoy struck me, most of the time.

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