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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions — What Are Yours?

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4. It's okay to sleep with a Tribble toy at night... normal people just think it is a duster or fancy mini pillow or something.

5. It is never okay to mention Star Trek on a first date with a girl. Unless of course you met her at a convention or you know she is a Trekkie.

6. Trekkies 3 should be about all the hot, cool, hip and attractive fans of Star Trek.

14. Girls that don't like Star Trek or can't get into it are not as cool as girls that do.

28. The Original Series and Deep Space Nine are the strongest series within Star Trek. No discussion. No debate. It's a fact.

15. Star Trek 4, the one with the whales, was a light hearted fun little film and is better than all of the TNG movies put together.

27. It takes time to get used to the effects on the Original Series. I grew up watching a few TOS episodes when I was a kid in the early 80s. Then, later, in the 90s: I couldn't stand watching the show because of the effects and cheesy sets. However, after becoming a huge fan of TNG, DS9, and VOY: I ended up giving TOS another shot by watching it late at night on the Sci Fi Channel and got hooked. So I definitely recommend in re-watching all of the episodes at least 10 times before saying no to it.
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