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Is there a lack of creativity in NuBSG Costumes and culture Lack

Does anybody have a problem with the costumes on the NuBSG?

I only started watching season one recently, I initially thought HMV had made a blunder and given me discs for the West Wing or 24, it just looked so contemporary America to me.

Ok, probably BSG TOS was a little contemporary, but it was the disco era, so it all looks a little weirdly alien now, as does Buck Rogers.

But for flip sake, the are men wearing shirts and ties for crying out loud, and 'President' looks like she's rushed in from Wall street.

Series lacks cultural heritage as well, a good story has to have it's time and place established, I just get the feeling that none of the writers have considered where these people come from or how they live, I only hope they know where they're going.

JMS had it right, he had the history of the B5 universe planned out 1000 years into the past and a 1000 years into the future (if not a little sketchily a million into the future).

ST is so long running, its place and culture have been well established, even Farscape had a definite if zooish culture well established halfway into the first series, but NuBSG is just lost somewhere, it could all take place on a destroyer in the arctic ocean for all I can see.

I'm only halfway through the first season tho, perhaps they'll reveal it in flashback like Crusade intended.
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